Please Pray for Kelly and Fred/An Intense Moment of Grace

Tonight, God assured me that He is in charge and working in our lives. Kelly, Fred, and my daughter showed me that God works in the quiet of our hearts and souls. He seems to have more room to work in silence.

It’s warmer tonight than it has been in a couple of weeks. I think the temperature reached 32 F. We had driven off the highway at the exit. There, like at most exits in this city, were two people. The man was holding a sign saying that they were homeless. The woman looked very cold. She had a man’s jacket over her shirt and jeans, but she still looked very cold.I don’t know their story, and I never will, but tonight, my daughter and I met Kelly and Fred at this exit.

We had gotten home, and I was preparing something to eat, when my grown daughter, with serious health issues, and because of that, no money to spare, called to me in the kitchen, “Mom, did you put any money in these bags?” She had pulled out the bags we had put together for the homeless. They were purchases made at the Dollar Store and included a hat, gloves, shampoo, well, you get it. I hadn’t gotten to the bank. I had planned to put $5 in each bag, but, that never happened.

I told her that I did not. She told me, “I don’t have any cash either. I gave my last $8 to a homeless man.” My heart exploded with pride. Like the widow who had given all that she had at the temple,… My daughter was also holding a coat. “The girl looked really cold, Mom.” So, we jumped in the car. We had grabbed some pretzels and a loaf of bread, too.

When we reached the exit, it looked like the couple was preparing to leave. I called out, and the girl came running. I handed her the coat. Her eyes grew wide, and she said, “Oh, that’s so cute. Jesus, thank you!” She started to walk away. I called out again, and she came back. I gave her the meager food offering and the bags. Her eyes grew big and she began to cry. “Thank you, so much! Please, what are your names,” she said through tears. I told her, and asked her what their names were. She was Kelly and he was Fred. They were homeless, and anything would help. We wished her well. Then I remembered, “Kelly, I asked, are you Catholic?” She nodded yes. “I have something for you.” I pulled out my give away rosary. I always carry my rosary and one to give away. She cried again and kissed the crucifix. I have to admit, since it was a man’s rosary, I pulled out my rosary and gave that to her too. She was in tears. We were in tears, too

As we drove home, I told my daughter, who does not accept the Catholic faith, the story of my rosary. I wanted to keep it, but God had other plans. The rosary had been given to me by friends as my husband was dying. They gave it to me as a gift of comfort, and it was a beautiful rosary. I don’t regret giving Kelly the rosary, but there was great sentimental value to it.

When graces pour down from heaven, they pour down! So, please, pray for Kelly and Fred. No matter their story, they need our prayers.
Please pray for my daughter who rejects the faith but lives the faith more than she knows. God works. God makes the miracles.

Pray for us, O Holy Mother of God.
Pray for your homeless children.
Pray for your children who love without knowing the reason why.
Pray for us all.