Mental Prayer: A Moment with Mary

She’s busy. She knows her Son is on His way to the wedding with His friends. She came with other members of her family since the wedding was more than an hour’s walk. They have been busy since they arrived at Cana. The bride and groom are very excited and shy. The wedding had been arranged, but the couple had known each other since childhood and had grown to love each other through the years. They were pleased that their parents, with some encouragement from Mary, had chosen them to be wed.

I see Mary standing and smiling as the wedding feast begins. She moves over to the shade and bows her head in prayer. She opens her eyes and sees me coming towards her. She motions for me to sit, and we both sit down together.

“My Son will be here soon,” she says to me. “Please wait for Him. He loves you so much. I will ask Him to speak with you and bless you.”

I smile, but I have no words to respond. I feel the gentle hug of this woman, our mother, and in her gentle touch, I feel the love of God flowing through me.

There is a bit of commotion. Jesus has arrived with 3 other men. He’s so handsome! Already the wedding guests are moving towards Him, but Mama Mary is ushering her Son and His friends to the tables near the trees where there is a small bit of water flowing from the ground. The waiters rush to the men to bring them food and wine. Jesus prays over the bread and the wine and blesses this gift from His Father.

Mary works with the servants to help with this feast day. She and her Son catch each other’s eyes, and they smile. Mary is talking with Jesus and His friends. He invites Mary to come and rest. They talk with each other. His friends love being with Mary. She serves them more food and wine.

Mary catches my eye and nods to her Son. He is looking at me. The children are running and jumping and playing. As one child runs by, Jesus smiles and reminds everyone there that we need to be like children. I walk over to Jesus. He’s smiling at me. He calls me by name. His eyes sear my soul with love. He wipes my tears. No words are needed.

Mary embraces me as only a mother can. In her arms I find sweetness and love. The fragrance of love is a rose. Mary brings me to a quiet bench near the celebration. I see her looking at the jars of water. She says they are empty. She calls the servants to her. I hear her say, “Do whatever He tells you.”

Jesus looks at His Mother with love and smiles. He knows what she’s doing. His friends aren’t sure of what is going on. They look puzzled. Jesus shakes His Head. He cannot refuse her, but he resists for a moment. “Woman,” He says, “It is not my time.”

Mary and Jesus look at each other and smile. Jesus can wait no longer. He looks at the waiters and says, “Fill the jars with water then take some to the head steward.” From the looks on their faces, they knew it would be a lot of difficult work because the well was so far away and the jugs were large. It would take some time. Two of the servants began immediately. Two of the servants, after being reluctant, began to move. Three of the servants shrugged and began to work, but very slowly.

The jars were full. A large cup was lowered into the…wine! The servants’ mouths fell open as they ran to the head steward. The friends of Jesus saw Mary draw water from the jars for them. When they saw it was wine, they gasped. In the distance, I could see the head stewart chastising the couple for serving the best wine later.

Jesus smiled. His mother smiled. His ministry had begun.

photo attribution: public domain, wikimedia commons