Take Spiritual Authority Over Your Children and Ask God to Make them Saints

Yes, they are my children, and they are adults, although, sometimes, I’m not really sure about that. I love them dearly, and like the rest of us, they don’t always make the best decisions spiritually, and they sin. As with any parent, I am concerned about the salvation of their souls. satan is powerful in this day and age. God is more powerful. God is our Creator. God works in our lives to battle satan. God is, was, and will be. God exerts His spiritual authority over us with love, guidance, teaching, and mercy. His love for us is the best parenting guide. He never demands. He might remind us authoritatively, but He will never force. Free Will is an amazing gift.

As a parent, God has given us spiritual authority over our children. If I remind my grown children that I have spiritual authority over them, and, resulting from that, they need to obey my commands in their spiritual life, they’d both begin laughing until tears run from their eyes. God sends us life lessons, and this, Praise God, is one I learned very early in their lives. God doesn’t demand. He asks. I’m not saying that we don’t have a duty to instruct our children in the faith or, when they refuse, show them the importance of attending Mass as a family. That is a part of our duties as parents. When we exert spritual authority over our children, we guide, we love, we teach, and, we protect. Most importantly, we pray and intercede for them.

Jesus, the second Person of the Divine Trinity, prays to the Father for us. Mama Mary, our Mother, interecedes for us daily. If we ask, the Holy Souls in Purgatory will intercede for us, as will the saints and angels. God has given us many intercessors to pray for us in our vocation of parenting. Now, we just need to remember that we do have spiritual authority over our children, and we can invoke that authority as we pray for them.

My Lord, My God, My All!
You gave me the gift of my children. For that, I thank You and Praise You! As a parent, I invoke the gift You have given me of spiritual authority over my children. In doing so, Lord, I ask You to make my children saints in Your Kingdom! I ask you to lead them to holiness on this earth! I ask you to have mercy on them when they sin. I ask you to grant them forgiveness. I ask You to make them aware of your
greatness in our world, You, who are Creator, Redeemer, and Counselor. My Lord, My God, My All! Make my children saints. Amen.