Blessing Upon Blessing, Grace Upon Grace

About 15 years ago, our neighbor’s daughter died from the effects of a malignant brain tumor. As her cancer progressed, Traci, who was 22 at the time, began to loose the functions that are controlled by her brain. She was moved to a nursing home where she became a beloved patient to the staff. As she became weaker and lost her sight, a friend visited her to read sacred scripture to her. A nurse commented to Traci later that she was lucky to have someone to read to her. Traci simply replied with a smile on her face, “Blessing upon blessing; grace upon grace!” Many of the staff came to her funeral. They spoke about her love for others and the sense of gratitude that she had. The members of the staff felt that they were better persons for having known Traci.

“Blessing upon Blessing; Grace upon Grace.”

Traci recognized the blessings God poured down upon her, even in her misery at the end of her life. What Traci didn’t realize was the blessing she had become.

At the end of the week, I like to write a post in gratitude for the blessings of the week. (His Unending Loveand For the Love of…) These posts of blessings are an exercise in gratitude. The more grateful we are, and the happier we become, according to social scientists.

We are both blessed and blessing. Do you recognize when you are blessed, even in the midst of trials both great and small? Do you recognize when you are a blessing to others? Do you attempt to become a blessing to others?

Tell me your stories. I’d love to hear them!