So I Stepped Out of the Boat Last Night…

I wish I had a photo, but I don’t. Last night, at the Sunday Vigil Mass, I stepped out of the boat and volunteered as an usher. It wasn’t a difficult job, and I was directed well in this service to the Church by the head usher.

I was very impressed by the number of people who contributed in the section of church to which I was assigned. There were many smiles and nods as I offered the collection basket to the worshipers.
No problems with that part of the job. I was very proud of myself. Easy Peasey!

God has a way of teaching us humility.

When I walked to the first pew to direct the path to the Eucharist, I began with the first pew on the side wing of the church.. I thought that’s what the head usher had told me. oooooops! The Eucharistic Ministers for this section, instead of positioning themselves at the front of the Church, stationed themselves at the back of the wing, next to the doors. Whoops! As I directed the front row to receive, the back rows emptied . There was some confusion, and one lady glared at me as she waited in line, so I whispered, “I’m sorry. This is my first time.”

The line worked its way out of the knot I created. I think God smiled. All was well, and there was peace.

Even Peter, when he stepped out of the boat, sank in the water. Our first Pope lacked the faith to walk, but things worked out as Jesus came to the rescue. Stepping out of the boat is a leap of faith, and, yes, sometimes we make mistakes as we serve, but Jesus is there to pick us up and help us back on our feet in small things and in large.
Our Mother, the Mother of God, is also there to help us up and dust us off as we return to her Son.

Stepping out of the boat was interesting. Now, I know what the wing of the church already knew, you start in the back row and not in the front. Next time, I’ll do the job correctly. Life is good. God is good!