Examen-ing The Approaching Day

It’s almost 7 AM, and the day has begun. My neighbor, a dentist with his own practice, has already left for work. The rest of the world is sleepy and silent. The rest of the world is gray.

I made a practice, this week, of letting God love me. I feel His Presence as He envelopes me with His love. He did not abandon me as I sought Him in my desert called Lent. I feel His graces pouring into my soul, in spite of the fact that I woke up too late to attend morning Mass. I regret this because the graces flow from God so freely and openly in the Mass.

The bone broth, that cooked all night in the crockpot, is finished. Now, it needs to cool so that I can strain it and skim off the fat. The milk for the yogurt is cooling. Yogurt will be cooking today. There are so many people who are starving in this world, and we have been blessed with so much! The day has barely begun, and God’s blessings and protections have poured down out of His heart! I am overwhelmed!

I think of the great suffering in the world. Refugees. Murders. Genocide. Politics. Lies. Fears. My anxieties are rising. In my heart I hear, “My grace is enough for you.” I stop and let God love me. I breathe slowly. Peace returns. I am balanced again.

I don’t know what’s to come in the rest of my day. I checked the temperature of the milk, but it’s too hot to add the culture that will turn the milk into yogurt. I must set a timer so I won’t forget to check the milk’s temperature soon. Timing and temperature are what make good yogurt. I breathe in God’s graces. He’s loving me now. I’m letting Him and not blocking His graces. Another neighbor, a school counselor, leaves for work. She’s good at her job. She spends a lot of time helping the children in our community.

Looks like it will be another gray, cloudy day today. That’s all right. I feel God’s love. Minnesota winters are marked with gray days. I look around me, and I see God’s blessings. I am overwhelmed by His Love and Mercy. This quiet time is perfect. I am enveloped in a blanket of God’s love. I know He’s there during my day, but I often reject His Love and graces. This time with Him has been a grace. He loves me and I love Him. I know that now. The idea of moving aside and letting Him just love me was a grace.

Jesus, I trust in You.
Thank You.