All I did was go down to the Kitchen to ask a Question

There was Shirley, Leo, and Linda busy chopping veggies for the soup supper tonight after the Stations of the Cross. I had doubts about going, but when I smelled the soup cooking, I’m almost ready to leave!

Any, back track a bit, I went downstairs to ask Shirley a question. Shirley is our church secretary, Leo and Linda, a married couple, are two dedicated volunteers at church. Leo was making the stew for tonight. I walked into the kitchen, and they all looked at me with hungry eyes.

“Grab and apron,” Leo said. “Here’s your knife. Here’s the celery and onions. Dice ‘em.” I hadn’t planned on cutting veggies before I went home, but suddenly, I was. We were rewarded with the smell of the soup beginning to cook.

Father Andrew stopped by to talk something over with Leo. I suggested that, perhaps, he might like to stay and help cut the veggies. He smiled and said that he had another appointment. I reminded him that, perhaps, he might need to go to confession since, even white fibs required confessing. Father Andrew just smiled and left the room. Dang! He got out of it!

Cutting took about an hour. I managed to cut my thumb on a newly sharpened knife. It wasn’t bad, but it did require a bandaid. Now, it’s time to leave for Stations. I don’t want to be late. I’m sure the smell of the soup will be overwhelming by the time I get there. The kitchen is directly under the church.

Really, shouldn’t my focus be the Stations? Yes, my focus is, but that soup is going to be great!

Thank You, Lord, for those who volunteer and serve the rest of us.

We adore You, Oh, Christ, and we praise You, because by Your Holy Cross, You Have Redeemed the World.