An Update on the Veil…

A year ago, I returned to the practice of covering my head in Church.
You can read the article HERE. After a year of inspirations and promptings from the Holy Spirit, I wore my first veil at Mass since the 1970’s when it was no longer required for women to cover their heads. Wearing the veil, began on Ash Wednesday, 2015. It was to be a Lenten practice. I decided I would evaluate this practice at the end of Lent.

Let begins again on Wednesday. I am still wearing a veil to Mass. Yes, there are times when I do forget my veil in the car or at home. There are times, when I can’t find it in my car because it’s dark and I’m still half asleep, but I do veil most of the time. I feel partially clothed at Mass when I do not wear my veil.

I am inspired to continue veiling when I see the young women who are attending Mass at our church also wearing veils. One young woman told me, that when she saw me veil, she felt comfortable wearing her veil. Most of the young women I see veiling, appear to be women in their early 20’s. There are still we, who are oldies but goodies, who veil. It is an inspiration to see young women covering their heads for the Lord.

Not every one veils, and that’s all right, but this is the choice I have made. I want to express my devotion and respect for God by covering my head wth a veil at Mass.

Does this mean that I am holy? I only wish. If wearing a veil were all it took to become holy, I don’t think I’d ever remove my veil.

Do I respect women who don’t veil? Absolutely! This is an individual choice.

Does wearing a veil bring me closer to God? I hope it helps me come closer to God. He knows my heart. He knows my soul. He knows. He knows.



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  1. Excellent post. It is beautiful to see women and their daughters veil in Church. It’s a sign of respect for Our Lord.


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