Thoughts at Adoration Today: I am, I AM

I am....
I am empty, Lord, please fill me up.
I am weak, Lord, please make me strong.
I am unbalanced, Lord, balance me, please.
I feel of no value, Lord, show me my value.
I am rejected, Lord, please do not forsake me.
I am alone, Lord, please show me that you love me.
I am sad, dearest Lord, show me your joy, please.
I am messed up, Lord, straighten me out, please.
I am unsure, Lord, please give me confidence.
I am tired, Lord, please increase my energy.
I am restless, Lord, please help me to settle down.
I am torn, Lord, repair my brokenness, please.
I am overwhelmed, Lord, please calm down the storm.

I AM the God of Mercy, I will give you peace.
I AM the God of Justice, I will give you strength.
I AM the God of Love, I will give you grace.
I AM the God who heals, I will heal your brokenness.
I AM the God who is, I AM WHO AM, do not be afraid.
I AM the God of Abraham, I have changed the nations.
I AM the God of Issac, I gave him back his son.
I AM the God who created the universe, I can do anything.
I AM the God who loves His children, I will not desert you.
I AM the God who leads you in the desert, trust me as you walk.
I AM the God who gives you living waters, I will take care of you.
I AM the God who saved you, I will keep you in my heart.
I AM the God who holds you, you are safe, my Beloved. You are safe.