Mental Prayer During Adoration

I see Him walking on the road ahead of me. There are millions of people following Him, trying to seize His attention. I keep running towards Him. I fall often, but, in spite of the crowds, I get up, seeking only Him. Before I come near Him, He turns and looks at me. He’s smiling at me with great love. He motions for me to join Him and walk with Him. We walk together on the road. As we walk, He looks at me, and His eyes are full of love, mercy, and peace. He smiles at me.

I fall on my knees to adore Him. I crawl to His feet and I kiss His feet. I see the holes in His feet. I look up as He reaches His Hands out to me. He’s still smiling at me! He helps me to my feet. I see the holes in His Hands where the nails broke His skin, and He bled for love of me.

I see a hill shrouded in darkness. I see crosses with three men hanging from them in excruciating pain. They moan from the depths of their souls because of the pain. The Crucified is in the center. His eyes are fixed on His Mother who is weeping at His feet. She is His strength. He asks John to take her into His home. John has said yes. She became our mother in this moment.

She turns to me, and she motions for me to come near her. The other women make room for me near the cross. They are weeping as they see love embodied slipping away. Their pain is palatable. The weight of their pain is heavier than His cross, if that can be. He bears more pain because of our sins. I am ashamed to look up and see His pain knowing that I am the cause, because I have sinned.

I see His mother weeping, in pain. She suffers with Him. She says to me, “Look at Him. He loves you so much.” I am deeply ashamed because I am not worthy to be here. “Please,” she says, “Look at His love for you.”

I look up, and I see His eyes. His eyes are full of love and excruciating pain. He finds joy in His cross for love of me. There is nothing but love in His heart. He tries to smile at me, to reassure me that soon, all will be well. I weep because I am a sinner, and, yet, He loves me.

Once again we are walking on the road together. The moon lights our way. Any fear I have is melted away in His love. He protects me as no one has ever protected me. I have no fear. He speaks quietly to me. “Will you tell them of My Love for them?”

I can only nod through my tears. He still smiles at me.

“Remind them that I AM here even though they cannot see Me.”

I nod. Even though He speaks in seriousness, He speaks with great Love for all.

He smiles and says to me, “I love you.”

There is no doubt. I am loved. I am loved.