On Any Day…

“Make friends with the angels, who though invisible are always with you. Often invoke them, constantly praise them, and make good use of their help and assistance in all your temporal and spiritual affairs.”
Saint Francis de Sales

Angels. We each have one. Many years ago, I read that doctors have two guardian angels and priests have 7 angels to guard them in their paths. I don’t know if that’s true, but the Church teaches that, on any day, my angel is always with me, helping me, guarding me, protecting me, guiding me.

In the invisible world, we don’t see the battles, although, we can feel the attacks of the demons, not realizing what they are, but knowing that something is terribly wrong. Spiritual warfare. It’s real. It exists. It’s the ongoing battle for souls that satan wages against God, and has waged, since some of the angels chose not to serve God and were driven out of heaven by St. Michael.

Angels are real, thank God! Thank God for your angel. We usually don’t know all they do to take care of us. On any day, when our day seems ordinary and boring, we don’t know what they did to help us stay safe and secure. We’ve heard stories of people who survive auto crashes who should have died. Angelic involvement? My guess would be, probably. Even in the event of a demonic attack, we might only feel part of the attack because our angel might have battled the attacking demon and saved our souls.

Remember that time you were tempted to commit a sin, and that little voice inside your head said, “That’s not right. Move away from this sin.” Or something like that. Remember when you were tempted to sin, but before you could sin, you were distracted. Remember, when you did sin, you felt remorse? Call it your consience. I call it your guardian angel. Angels were given to us to guide us and serve us.

Imagine this being of light, with no real shape or form, a being greater than you, serving God by serving you. The bonds with our angels begin when we are conceived. They love us as no human being can love us. Their job is to help us do God’s will, and, when we die, they long for the privilege of escorting us to the throne of God with great love and joy.

In a world full of sin, we have the gift of our guardian angel so that we are never alone. Even when we feel lost, afraid, or alone, our angel is with us, comforting us, loving us and whispering in our ear, “Be strong. God loves you.” Pray to your angel. Ask for your angel’s help. Angels want to help you. That’s part of their job. You can ask for a legion of angels, at any time, and they will be there to help you, protect those you love, or perform whatever God wills for you. Pray often. Pray continously. God is with you. He wants only the best for you. Our guardian angels are a part of his plan for us. They will wage spiritual war for you. Ask for their protection.

Angels are real. Love your guardian angel. You guardian angel loves you!

“Prayer needs to be continuous. The warfare we are engaged in is on-going, so prayer needs to be ongoing also.”
St. Alphonsis Liguori