8 Ways to Help when You feel Powerless to stop a Monster

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Can you imagine the horror of feeling a scalpel inserted into your brain, not knowing what is happening? Can you feel the seering pain as raw nerves are exposed and your heart, liver, or other organs ripped out? Your heart is beating. You’re naked and shivering, and no one cares. Then you feel the knife and your life ends.

If the truth be told, I cannot watch the videos shot at planned parenthood. I cannot hear the silent cries of the baby who was ripped out of its mother’s womb in such a way that it is intact and ready for “harvest.” I could not watch videos of the suffering in the Holocaust which was the planned genocide of millions.

Like in any genocide, there are survivors. If you want to read about abortion, read the story of Gianna Jessen and her testimony before Congress. She survived an abortion. It’s compelling. Here’s the LINK. She is doing something that I cannot do, and I applaud her strength and courage.

I feel helpless when I read the headlines or hear the news. How can I, a singlular person, fight the monster called planned parenthood? (If you’re wondering why there are no capital letters for that organization, I won’t honor them in that way.)

Mother Teresa said:

“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.”

I’ve thought about this, and there are things we can do.

1) Pray. Pray for an end to abortion. Pray for the conversion of those who have an abortion. Pray for the medical staff that assist in the abortion. Pray for the doctors who kill the unborn. Pray for their conversions.

2) Support organizations such as Birthright, that support the woman who chooses to keep her unborn child. Support them financially or through volunteer work. They need the help.

3) October is Respect Life Month. Many parishes will ask for volunteers to pray near planned parenthood sites. Volunteer. That does take courage because people will see you. Many will make fun of you, but, even if you’ve been a “closet” prolife person, step out of the closet and let the world know you support life in all stages from conception to natural death.

4) If you are a blogger, write about prolife issues. Keep the issues out front, in front of the public.

5) Remember, abortion isn’t about rights. If the argument is that a woman has the right to do with her body as she chooses, then what about the rights of the unborn child in her womb? A fetus, which means little one, is an under developed human being. The key words are “HUMAN BEING.”

6) Spiritually adopt and unborn child conceived today or any day. Pray that this child will be given the gift of birth by it’s mother. Pray for that child for 9 months. Remember, late term abortions are allowed in so many places.

7) No matter what, do not judge anyone who has an abortion. Pray for them. Do not judge and say, “There for the grace of God goes me.” Pray and forgive.

8) If you have had an abortion, seek counsel from your pastor. He will tell you how you may be reconciled to God and to your Church again. Forgive yourself. Forgive those who made it easy for you to have that abortion. Name your baby. Love that baby.

David slew Goliath. David was but a boy and Goliath was a giant.
Our Blessed Mother has told visionaries, “My Son has told me that evil will not win.” We have that promise. Evil will not win. God is greater than any evil. Evil will not win.


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