Surrendering to God

Today, my neighbor told me that she was dehydrating rhubarb so that she could make tea with it later. My rhubarb has produced abundantly this year, and there is a lot still on the plant, so I came home and picked the best of what remained. My neighbor told me how to dehydrate the rhubarb, but I had a better idea. I pulled out a small, tabletop oven that I own and use for many other baking ideas. I thought, this would be a quick way to dehydrate the rhubarb rather than waiting 6-10 hours for it to dehydrate in the oven. As you can see, the results were less than successful. I burnt the rhubarb. It tastes burnt. I’m going to throw it out. This rhubarb is not fit for tea.

Having a wonderful sense of humor is a God given quality. As a matter of fact, it is a characteristic of God. When I opened my oven, I saw the burnt rhubarb. The Holy Spirit whispered into my soul. “When you do it your way, you burn the rhubarb, but if you listen to Me and let Me do the work, the rhubarb is never burnt.”

Of course, I smiled. When I move out of the way, and I give all to my God, He works. It’s so much easier than stressing. “Move over, “ He whispers, “I’ll take this one.” Moving over opens doors that only God can open. Why stand at the door that is stuck to me and pound on it, demanding that it open, when all I have to do is whisper, “Jesus, You take over.” He does so with great love, and in ways so creative, so impossible, that knowledge pours forth into all hearts that God is Good. God is Love. God is the Master of Creation.

So, let my prayer be this::

Lord, God of the Universe, Creator of all,

I Thank You and I Praise You for all the gifts. Remind me that You are the God who created the universe and keeps it running. You control the stars and the galaxies. Remind me that You made the laws of nature which keep the earth spinning and the seasons passing. Remind me that I can trust You. You are God, that is all we need to know.

Lord, infuse in me Your love so that I might not become anxious. If I am anxious or afraid, remind me that I only need to keep my eyes on You to pass through the storm. If it is Your Will that I not survive the storm, remind me, You have a plan that is for the good of all. Thank You, Lord, Heavenly Father. Thank You, Lord Jesus. Thank You, Holy Spirit.