The Roses Are Still Blooming


Usually, in Southern Minnesota, in November, the weather is cold, the foilage is bare, and there might be snow on the ground. Today, I look outside at the rose bushes, and they are still blooming! I see the tomato plants, and there are new blooms! God’s gifts are never ending. Tomatoes and roses, in November, God has smiled on His children!

Then I watch the news. God’s children in Mosul suffer so much at the hands of isis. To be a Christian is a death sentence. Children are murdered or forced to fight the infidel, and that is anyone who disagrees with them. Mothers hold their babies close as satan directs the group. There are no roses. There are no tomatoes growing in the garden. God holds His children close to Him and walks with them as He walked His way to the cross.

“God so loved the world…”

We wake up to roses. In Mosul, His children wake up to gunfire, death, and fear. They walk the way of the cross. Which is the greater blessing?

As children of God, we must pray for those who suffer. We must pray that those who suffer to be strong and have courage. We must pray for their safety. We must pray for the conversion of those who torment and torture. We must pray for peace.

I look outside at the garden. Realistically, these tomato plants will not produce tomatoes that will ripen on the vine, and that’s all right. It is November, and this is the cycle of life. God is good. We must pray and thank God for His blessings. We must pray for those who suffer so greatly because, across the miles, they are still His children which makes us their brothers and sisters. We are family, and families pray for each other. Families love each other. Famlies support each other.

Miles don’t matter. Love flows across the miles. God’s love is never ending. So we must pray. Pray for peace. Thank God for His blessings. Pray. God waits to hear from us so He can pour His blessings on each of us. God waits to hear from us so that He can annoint His saints and saints to be.

God is good! Amen. Allelujiah!