Patience and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit


This photo is the start of a polymer clay background. When I first began this piece, the canvas was white. I treated the canvas to prepare it for the clay. After treatment, I took the “veneers” I made and began to apply them to the canvas. After they were secure, I baked the canvas according to the clay manufacturer’s directions. There were more steps that followed, and there are more that will come. Like God is not finished with me yet, I’m not finished with this canvas.

God uses many tools to bring us closer to Him. I would never have thought as my hobby as a means to grow closer to my Lord. I’m not perfect, and neither is my work with clay. I have a long ways to go when it comes to God and in my work with clay.

As I develop, I am beginning to see a change in me. The Gifts of the Holy Spirit are being honed a bit by working with clay.

Clay was a gift of the Holy Spirit. Creativity with clay has lead me to develop, throught the guidance and counsel of the Holy Spirit, some of the Fruits of His Love, including patience, joy, and kindness. Joy comes when a piece you made, and hopefully, one that gives glory to God, is honored by another soul that says, “This speaks to me of God.”

Patience. Some pieces take time to complete, and for me, patience is not an easy fruit to bear. I’m sure the Holy Spirit smiles at my efforts to wait as I work, but try shortcuts that don’t.

Kindness: When another person criticizes my wor,k at the core, by saying that it’s “rough” or poorly made, with intent to hurt or not, I feel that a part of my heart is ripped out, especially when I disagree with their evaluation. I have credentials that would dispute their assessment. What is difficult for me is to respond to their unkind remarks with kindness and prayer. We don’t have to be doormats, but when something is part of my heart, and it is done well, then I can loose my temper. I have found that the best thing to do, rather than argue or defend my work, is to respond with a kind remark and whisper a prayer for them. This is a work in progress, but it is also a Gift of the Holy Spirit.

Everything is a gift from God. He uses His gifts to bring us closer to Him. How He manages this, I don’t know, but He’s God, and I’m not.
He wants us to be with Him in eternity. Listen to the whispers. God loves you like you were the only person on earth. Thank Him for all His gifts to you because there is nothing in your life that is not a gift whether it is joyful or painful. God, like the great creator, sculptor that He is, is working to change you, if only you choose to use His gifts to learn to love Him and serve Him in this life.

Our time of merit ends when we die. If you are alive, use everything, every gift, every tool that is in your life to grow closer to God. Above all pray. Honor His Mother. It’s her job to bring us home to Him. Offer everything you do up to God. Give Our Lady your gifts and she will return them to her Son with great honor. Repent. Go to confession. Receive the Eucharist in the state of grace. Give your life to God. He’s not finished with either of us, yet.