No Greater Love…The Other Side of Abortion: Carrying the Baby to Life


These words are the words of the valiant mother who chose life for her child in spite of the great risk to her own life. Pray that more women will see motherhood as a gift in spite of the frightening risks of their own life. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

I am one of those mothers whose life was at risk during my last pregnancy. I was told the longer I carried, the higher the risk of losing my life. If a woman learned of a risk late term, the solution is delivery of a viable baby, not abortion. I carried my baby to 30 weeks, and he and I survived. Who is to say my life was any more valuable than his? If anything the argument could be made as his mother, it would fall on my shoulders to protect him, even with my life. It seem backwards for a child to sacrifice for the parent.

I struggled to have my children, and losing my twin preemies makes one understand how precious life is. This topic gets me riled up because we didn’t know if I could have a child. I have a friend who actually asked me to take her to an abortion clinic. I was outraged. I tried so hard to have a baby, and we looked at adoption. With my child, the doctors told me I had to have him to save myself. I fought with them, insisted on steroid shots to help mature his lungs. I was in ICU with Hellp syndrome and was told the only cure was to have the baby. I denied consent. I ended up having an emergency c-section. On my way into surgery, I prayed for God to take me and save my son. I felt this warm feeling engulf me and knew God was taking control. I cry when I tell the story. I have felt God bless me and my son.