What is Your Love Language for God?


God speaks to us in His beautiful Love Language. He speaks to us in ideas, dreams, thoughts, sights, sounds. You name it. God uses the gifts He’s given us to speak to us in His Love Language.

Any relationship must be reciprocal for it to grow and mature. God speaks to us in His Love Language, so what Love Language do we use to speak to God?


Can’t think of anything? Maybe these ideas will help.

Journal: For me, it’s often easier to express myself in writing. I write my thoughts, deepest, dark secrets and all, and I give them to God through my writing. I tell God the things I cannot tell my best friend. I know He knows everything that I think and say and write before I begin to write, but It’s my way of speaking to Him. The ability to write was His gift to me. I give it back to Him in love.

Offer Thanksgiving: Who doesn’t like to be thanked? God made us in His Image and Likeness. That would lead me to believe that God likes to be thanked, too. Open your heart to Him, and say “Thank You.” Thank you for that parking space. Thank you for letting me sleep in today. Thank you for the pizza that’s on the way. Thank You. We cannot thank God enough for His graces and blessings.

Let Him Love You:
When I attend Eucharistic adoration, especially when I have trouble praying, I imitate Pope Francis who has urged us to “let God love you.” Sit in His Presence. Give yourself to Him. Sit there and let Him love you.

Hold a Crucifix in Your Hand and Meditate on the Gift of Salvation Given to Us by God through His Cross and Resurrection: There truly was no greater love than this. (On a side note, I think each Catholic should do this daily. You can change lives this way.)

Say the Name of Jesus over and over again: There is no greater prayer than this. His Name has great power. Remember, His Love Language was to die on the cross for the salvation of sinners, and we are all sinners.

There are many other ways to express your love language for God. Art, Cooking, Cleaning, even the most humble tasks can be an expression of love for God. Use your Love Language and tell Him how much you love Him.