The Love Language of God


If you google “Love Languages,” you’ll find many different books and articles that address this topic. According to the articles, everyone’s love language is different. Some people talk about the things their spouses buy for them are a part or all of their love language. Others relate that a special note, a rock in the shape of a heart, taking care of the kids, all of these things reflect their love language.

God has His Love Language for us, too. Sometimes, we have to look around to realize that He is speaking to us in His Love Language. It’s different for each of us. He taylors his language to each person. You know, that bird you hear chirping which distracts you from your unkind thoughts? The friend who contacts you when you feel badly and, suddenly, you are feeling better? That doctor appointment you couldn’t get changed, and suddenly it’s changed for you because of a very unexpected cancellation? How about the silence of a beautiful church? God speaks to us in His Love Language in so many different ways.

Have you ever had the door to an opportunity shut unexpectedly? Have you ever been brought to your knees by an illness? Have you ever been stranded in a place where you did not want to be stranded? Have you ever lost your job? Have you had your medical procedure cancelled unexpectedly? Look back at what happened. You will find strands of God’s love language in everything.