Saint Padre Pio, Pray for Us


“Somewhere, someone prayed for me.”

When I was a teenager, I had heard of the mystic, Padre Pio. As a young Catholic person, granted, an immature Catholic teen, I had read that many people were sending their guardian angels to him asking for prayers for special intentions. I decided that I would join the others by sending my angel to him. During that time, I kept my angel busy visiting Padre Pio with many prayer requests. However, my requests were those that, I’m sure, annoyed him. How could they not annoy him?

“Angel, ask hiim to pray so that I will become a famous movie star.”

“Angel, ask him to pray so that I’ll find a handsome, rich boyfriend.”

“Angel, ask him to pray so that people will think I’m beautiful.”

Now, I realize this was spiritual nonsense. I can only imagine how annoyed this great saint was with me.

Flash foward. The years took their toll on my immortal soul. I rejected the Church and its teachings. I lived a sinful life. I offended the most Sacred Heart of Jesus in so many ways. Had I died then, I would have merited hell, and only the flames of hell. satan would have danced on my grave.

But, God in His infinite love and mercy, saw fit, for whatever reason, to extend His graces to me, even though, I rejected Him. Someone, somewhere, prayed for me.

Was it my grandmother, whose room, when she died, was filled with the scent of roses?
Was it my guardian angel who could not but help pray for me?
Was it Padre Pio who had to be, understandably annoyed that I sent him my angel with such shallow requests?

I don’t know, but, I suspect, it was all of the above interceding for me before the Throne of God. I did not merit heaven at that time, and, perhaps, I still do not, but

“God so loved the world,” and God loved me, too.

Amen. Allelujiah!