Praying with Maria

I had no idea that Maria had such a close relationship with Jesus! I should have guessed, but I didn’t know. In spite of the fact that Maria and I share the same hour for adoration, and I have seen her pray in adoration, I didn’t know.
When it’s possible, Maria and I begin our hour of prayer with singing.
If there are others in the room, we don’t sing, but when it is just the two of us, we grab a hymnal and sing praises to God. Neither of us would make first choir in heaven, but we do sing of the glories of God as best we can.

Last Friday, during our adoration hour, no one else came. Maria and I were the only adorers at 1 PM. Liz, who adores from noon to one, stayed a little longer than she usually does, but it was only a few extra minutes. When Liz exited the chapel, Maria and I chose our first song and began to sing. After a half and hour, we decided that the Lord would be ready to put ear plugs in His ears. Normally, we don’t talk, but we both go into quiet prayer. This time we sat next to each other and began to talk about prayer.

Maria spoke of her love for Jesus and how much He has played an important in her life. At that moment, I felt that I was sitting in front of Jesus, fully present and listening and seeing Maria speaking her heart to Him. (Of course we were sitting in front of Him, but in my mind, I saw Him sitting there smiling.)

My imagination was flaring. His eyes were full of love for Maria. He nodded as she spoke to Him aloud. Maria continued to speak to Jesus of her great love for Him. She thanked Him for loving her and her family. She thanked Jesus for all He did for them. She thanked Jesus for leading them on the right paths.

I could see His eyes turned to me as Maria brought me into the prayer. She thanked Jesus for our friendship and for the time we prayed together. (At this point, tears filled my eyes.) She also thanked Jesus for loving me and blessing me. (I could no longer contain my emotions. I wept openly. In my mind, I saw His eyes full of love and tears filling His eyes.) I had no words. I couldn’t speak. I felt the Love of God fill my heart and soul. I was overwhelmed. His Love, filled me and opened my heart. I could feel the healing. I could feel the love. I could feel my heart.

Maria was whispering, “Jesus, I trust in You.”

Bringing myself back under control was difficult. I had many tears to shed. Finally, I was empty, yet I was full.

I joined Maria, “Jesus, I trust in You.”

We began to pray the rosary. At the start of the last decade, Lois came in for her hour of prayer. We completed our Rosary, gathered our belongings, and we left the Adoration Chapel. Maria walked one way, and I walked the other.

As I drove home, I continued the prayer, “Jesus, I trust in You.” I felt He was with me. I felt His love.

How can Love be contained in a host in a monstrance? Maria and I don’t understand that, but we both know the love of God at adoration. I feel blessed to pray with her. She loves God above all else. God is Love.