Things Always Work Out

I used to be a special education teacher, and we, as teachers, dealt with a student’s disabilities, as well as, the problems the child might face at home. We worked with our school counsolers very closely. Their job involved directly dealing problems with the problems we were not able to handle. They knew what was going on at home with these kids. Some of it was terrible. I asked one of our counselors how she was able to keep sane knowing what she knew. She said, “Things always work out.”

She knew that she didn’t have control over a student’s home life. She could only refer them to the correct agency for help. Sometimes, the help was accepted, and sometimes, it was not.
No matter what, things always worked out.

God blessed each of us with the gift of Free Will. Our guardian angels can only help direct us to follow the correct path to God. It is our choice to sin or not. God respects our gift of free will, and He never forces Himself on us. He wants us to choose Him, freely and willingly, in any situation, with great love.

God said that He gives us the graces we need for salvation. We can reject or accept them. What we have here is only temporary and we need to look to the life we begin when we die. That is our true life, and it’s eternal. Things will work out. We choose the consequences of our actions. We choose what our eternal life will be.

Things always work out.