Finding God and Roasting Green Chiles

Doing the dishes: boring. Cleaning the bathroom: boring. Making the bed: boring. Most of our lives are lived in the ordinary. There is little that is extraordinary about our lives. Of course, you have the celebrities, the politicians, the jet setters who make our lives seem boring and mundane. Well, compared to them, our lives are boring and mundane, and that’s all right. Not everyone can be famous. Not everyone can be rich. Not everyone can live an exciting life. Rarely did the saints live more than ordinary lives. Yet, in the ordinary, they found God and holiness.

God has placed us where we are for a reason. We all have a job to do. For most of us, we are made to be ordinary and in this simplicity, we will find God. Very few of us can be a Mother Teresa, a Mother Angelica, or an Edith Stein. We are not called to perform great deeds. As Mother Teresa said, “We are called to love.” It is in love, and in the love of the ordinary, that most of us will find God and our salvation.

What happens in the ordinary? God happens, and we can find Him there. Find God when doing the dishes. How? Offer the act of doing the dishes to Him. By offering the act up to Him, the act of doing the dishses becomes sacred and holy. Changing the baby’s poopy diaper? Offer it up. Who would have ever thought that this act could be holy and sacred in God’s eyes? By giving this difficult task to Him, He sends back His graces and makes this act of Mercy, and it is an act of Mercy, Holy.

Today, I am going to roast some beautiful green chiles that I bought at the local farmers’ market yesterday. How can I make this act holy?
First, I plan to thank God for the gift of the green chiles. (It’s the season, and I feel blessed to have found these fruits of the pepper plant at the market.) Next, I will put these peppers on the grill, and as they roast, and their skins become soft, I will praise God for giving me the grill and the chiles for my joy. I will thank Him for the ability to cook these peppers for me and my family. (Cooking is an ordinary task in each life. We all need food, and God is providing this delicious food for us. I offer up this act of cooking to God, and I will feel Him blessing me and the food.

God made the plants. God made me. He provided the technology I need to cook for my family. How can this ordinary act be performed without finding God beside me.

Thank You, Lord! Again, You have made me happy. I am grateful. Thank You!