Don’t You Sometimes Wonder What God is Thinking?

A new Farmer’s Market has opened up about 3 blocks from home. It’s still small, but it is beginning to grow. As with most farmer’s markets you have the traditional items and those products that are unique, shall we say?

Of course, I go to buy the fresh picked veggies, homemade jellies, and when available, fresh picked apples and meats. I have found though, at this new market there is something very interesting that is being sold, and I have purchased a lot of it for my garden—worm poop. In nicer terms, worm castings.

The price for these, uh-hum, worm castings is well under the going price at local nurseries and hardware stores. I do buy 4 pounds at a time. I’m such a good customer, they give me a bag free when I purchase four poundss. My garden is thriving because of this, um, product. Worm poop. Who would have thought?

Obviously, God has His reasons for everything. I am not a fan of worms. Yuck! I’ve often wondered why God decided to make them.
I know fishermen often use worms for bait. Kids will play with them. Yuck. (I know my kids did.)

When I was in high school, my lab partner and I had to disect a HUGE worm leaving its brain in tact. Our worm dried out over the weekend, and it’s brain had been in tact. Because it dried out, we had to disect another one. That time, we cut out the small brain. So, when Sister Bernadette came to check our project, our worm, Howie, did have a brain. It was a small, wet, wadded up piece of paper. Well, we got an “A” on the project, and our lips were sealed forever, until now. Ok, that’s another use for worms.

Then, there’s worm poop. It’s, litereally, made my garden grow abundantly. So, maybe, He had His reasons?

When we look at our world today, a world that has wandered far from Him, what was God thinking when He gave us free will? What was He thinking? God loves His children as only He can. He wants us to want Him, to choose Him by following His Commandments and loving Him. God wants us to love Him in the onlu way we can, which is nothing compared to how He loves us. He doesn’t want to force His love upon us. God wants us to accept His Love, to submit to His Divine Will as He submitted to His Father’s Will on the cross. What was God thinking?

“God so loved the World that He Gave His Only Begotten Son that we might have eternal life.” John 3:16

That’s what He was thinking, even with the worms and, um, worm “castings.”

Amen and Allelujiah!