Fire Cracker Orange

Loud! Explosions of color on a green or brown carpet. Get past the rhetoric and you begin to see God. Touch the flower and feel the delicate veins that push the life of God into each petal. Smell the fragrance and rub your nose into the pollen dust. You’ve touched the Finger of God.

Moment by moment. String by string. God pulls us in His Arms. Fire Cracker Orange. Delicately made from the strength that flows from Him and Him alone. His gifts are many and beyond measure. No one knows their end. Blessings flow like lava from an erupting volcano.

His Mother embraces us in her tender mantle, another gift from Him Who lived for us and died for us. He Who freed us from slavery and made us His friends. The Ark of the Covenant, His Mother Who Carried Him within her body, she who became His tabernacle. She will carry us to her Beloved Son. She watches over us and intercedes for us, as a Mother should. The Ark, the gift, the one who said yes and gave us Jesus, freely, willingly. Tender in her ways.
Holding us close to her Immaculate Heart.

Mother of God, pray for us.
Mother of God, bring us to Your Son.
Jesus, Lamb of God, Son of the Father, Have Mercy on us.