The Solstice

The Solistice. The day when there is more light in our world than on any other day. I sit in my “Woman Cave” feeling the peace of the moment seep through my bones. I ponder the day. I see the blessings that God has poured down on me. I see the soft light of the evening. I hear the birds chirp their soft good nights. I hear the tree frogs begin their unceasing song. Is that what Paul meant when he told us to. “Pray without ceasing?” Should we be more like the tree frogs who chirp and chirp and sing and sing until I want to throw shoes at them to make them stop?

The air feels cool as a breeze zips through the “Cave.” The only lights I see now are the artificial candles I lit on the table. Their light is yellow, almost orange. These robot candles do the job their were intended to do. They light up the darkness by doing that for which they were made.

The wine is sweet on my tongue. I think of the wedding at Cana, and I ponder how Mary felt when she told Jesus that there was no more wine. She had no doubts, even when He protested that His hour had not yet come. I’m sure He smiled as He looked at her and knew that He could not say no to her request for the newly wed couple. She simply said, “Do whatever He tells you.” The servants did. The lowly, the slaves, were the first witnesses to the miracle. Jesus always calls the small, the little to do His work. In the unimportant, in the outcasts, in the sinner, Jesus comes to heal and show the glory of God.

The light of day is quickly slipping away now. I’ll have to go into the house very soon. I feel the gentle hug of God in this moment. I ponder again. How did I serve my God today? Was He first on my mind?
Did I give Him the glory He deserves? Was He the one I addressed when I first woke? Will He be the last one I will address before sleep?

I am ready to go inside now, but I don’t want to do that. Is growing in faith and holiness like this moment?
Did I actually try to be a better person today or did I allow my faults to stand in my way of holiness? Where is God in this day? Where do you find Him? I know I forgot Him many times, or I would not have sinned. I know that I showed the love of me and and the world, or I would have retreated to the interior room where I can worship and adore Him.

If I awaken in the morning, I will bless God and thank Him for the gift of another day. God is good, and He loves us. How can I show Him my love tomorrow? How can I show Him my love in the rest of my day? This might be a good topic for journaling or simply pondering, but at my age, I feel, it’s better to write things down to remember them.

I must pray.
I must think of God.
I must ask Him how I am to serve Him.
I must follow where He leads.
I must be obedient to His Will.
I must give Him my heart and my soul.
I must seek to do His Will as much as possible.

The “Woman Cave” Is dark now. The candles provide enough light for me to see where I am, but not much more. It’s time to go inside. My day is over. The seasons are changing. I hear the song based on scripture:

To everything there is a season.

This is a new season. The times are changing.

Good night.