I Had All the Pieces…

I just didn’t know I had the answer. I have been suffering from severe pain in my back and in my knee for a while now. I saw one doctor who told me that I needed a new knee, in the meantime, I had to grin and bear it. Ok, so I offer the pain up. That’s fine. My back pain, was the worst pain I have endured. I was referred to a pain clinic in town. The first time I went there, I felt that something was not right about the place. I had heard there were people who would go there, but would not return. I felt, though, because my pain was so intense, I had to give it a chance.

The doctors began with injections, which didn’t work more than two day. Then we went to diagnostic tests which were more painful than the back pain. After that, the doctor began ablations on my nerves. These were done in two series, but they did not work. The pain continued. I asked about using an electronic stimulus machine on my back. The doctor said no. I was told to only do lightweight house work. They didn’t think physical therapy would work. Well, since nothing was working, what could I do? The last straw came when the doctor wanted to do another painful test. He felt the source of my pain was localized in a joint that is hard to treat and when treated would have limited success. I endured that test. He also wanted to inject my knee with a gel that is derived from the comb of a rooster. Ok, that was worth a try.

The diagnostic test was painful. More to offer up. Then the doctor injected my knee. It hurt, but it wasn’t long lasting pain. The doctor said to keep an accurate pain journal, which I did, and when the office called I gave them the results and told them that I had broken out in a rash all over my body. The nurse talked to the doctor about injecting my knee again. He said that he wanted to inject my knee and we would see if I got a rash again. Things were moving fast. He also said that I would need to begin opiates, which they dispensed. He told me that I would not become addicted, but that I would become dependent on the drugs. Red flags, right?

I was trying to discern all of this. I knew that I didn’t want the drugs. I didn’t like the idea of dependency on these chemicals. I stopped and talked to one of the priests at church. He gave me some ideas for discernment as part of the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola. He added, “Pray to St.Ignatius and ask for discernment.”
I did that. This was around 11:30 AM. I asked for the gift of discernment because this would affect me in all aspects of my life, including my soul. I knew I had to have no doubts in my decision.

At 3 PM, I was amazed. All the pieces, all the red flags, everything fell into place! It was like reading a book and finally solving the mystery.

I’m not going back to the clinic. I’m not starting opiates. Someday, I might have to do that, but not now. I joined a local senior citizens club called VINE, Faith in action. I’ve attended two of the classes, and, my pain is going away. I’m doing what they told me not to do, and I am getting better. I’ll need a new knee. I know that, but that’s a different issue. I Zumba’d with a group. I did low impact exercise with another group. I had a great time! I’m using a topical ointment for the pain, which helps, but it doesn’t take it all away. It’s tolerable now. I’m also using my electronic stimulus machine, and that helps, too. I’m doing this all safely and without the drugs.

Through the intervention, and quick intervention, of St. Ignatius of Loyola, I am better. I will always have pain in my life, but, right now, I don’t need the opiates. Remember, Price died from an overdose of these pain medications that are almost too quickly dispensed in the USA. We, as a country, consume 90% of the pain medications that are manufactured. It makes me ask the question, what do people in other countries do to relieve pain?

I am grateful for the intercession of a great saint. I am grateful for the advice of Father A. I’m grateful that God has blessed me with less pain. Sometimes, we just need to stop, step outside of ourselves, and ask God for help. I was very surprised by the quick response, but God moves in His own time. I’m grateful that I did not start a regimen of pain pills for now. God has blessed me. I offer that up to Him with gratitude and praise.

The puzzle was solved. I had the pieces, but I just didn’t see the solution.