God Sends His Love to Us

Last night, about 10 PM, I searched the darkened sky for the planet Mars. News reports said that Mars would be visible without a telescope. I saw a beautiful “flower” moon rising in the sky. I don’t know why it was called a flower moon, but it was beautiful!

The sky was dark except for moonrise and the orbs in the sky. Most of the stars were about the same size. Close to the moonrise, I saw a huge orb. I don’t know if it was Mars or not, but it was the biggest star there. This is the picture I took.

The star was just a small point compared to the vastness of the heavens! I cropped and recropped the photo to bring the star closer to me. I wanted to see if this WAS the Red Planet. Instead, when I cropped the photo, I saw the cross on the right hand part of the star.

This was a gulp moment. I would assume the cross is a result of light reflecting in the evening sky to create this optical illusion, but then, maybe not. God reminds us of His love for us even when we don’t expect that gift. I gulped when I saw the final result of the crop here.

Yesterday was the Feast of the Holy Trinity. Thank You, Lord, no matter the cause. Thank You for this reminder of Your Love!