Even if Pentecost is Past and We’re In Ordinary Time, We Can Still be Infused by the Holy Spirit…

Infusing oils with herbs is an easy process, but it just takes time. If you want to infuse oils with herbs, you fill a quart jar with herbs, leaving about and inch of open space on the top. You will the jar with oil, preferably olive oil, still leaving about an inch of open space in the jar. Cover the jar, put the jar in the sun, and wait 2-4 weeks. (Bring the jar in at night.) Waiting until 4 weeks to finish the processing of the oil is best because the oil becomes deeply scented. Strain and use as needed.

Insert sound of a needle scratching a phonograph record. Screech! Information on how to infuse oils is fine, but what does that have to do with Ordinary Time and the Holy Spirit?

Ordinary time does not separate us from God. Ordinary time is an opportunity to grow spiritually, learn more about Jesus through the gospels, and to ask the Holy Spirit to infuse us with His Gifts and Fruits. Our devotion to the Holy Spirit is the key to these gifts. As we grow in love with the Holy Spirit, our souls grow stronger in the virtues. As we seek His company through prayer, our souls mature and we reach the point where we open ourselves up to His love, His Mercy, His Gifts, the Fruits of His love which are:

Gentleness,Faithfulness, Modesty,Self Control, Chastity.

Each fruit, when practiced, brings us closer to God. We become His Hands, His Feet, His Mouth, His Eyes, His Love, and His Mercy on earth. When I can love my neighbor as God loves my neighbor, then there is more peace on earth. When I can be filled with the joy of God, then my neighbor sees the joy of His Love. When I am patient with my neighbor, then my neighbor sees the Lord in me. When I am at peace with God, then my neighbor sees that I am filled with God.

As God works in our souls and we are filled with His gifts, we develop a Fear of God. (In this case fear means “AWE” rather than terror.) In Ordinary Time, we need to invoke the Holy Spirit, even more so than at Pentecost. God works with us, through us, and in us. Pray for the help of the Holy Spirit in our souls. Open your hearts to Him. He won’t force Himself on you, so, invite Him in to your life. Let Him work in your souls. You will never regret His help.

Come, Holy Spirit, fill me with Your Love.
I open my heart to You.
I open my soul to You.
Teach me. Hold me. Love me.
Come, Holy Spirit, I am Yours.