Thoughts on Pentecost

Mystery. Holy Trinity. Three Persons, One God. Father, Son, and
Holy Spirit.

Enter into the Upper Room. Open the door and step inside. The Apostles are in prayer, except for those who are sleeping. It’s early in the morning. The light is soft and entering in through the windows. Peter has been praying all night. He looks tired, but he gets up to drink from the pitcher of water. He blows out the lamps that have been burning all night, and he looks out the windows around the room in search of Roman troops coming to arrest them.

He sees Mary, Jesus’ mother, and she smiles at him. She has been praying all night, too. She gets up and begins to prepare some breakfast for them. The other women join her in the preparation. They work quietly, but they make their work holy by offering it up to God and asking Him to bless their food and preparations.

Peter wakes the other men. He leads them in prayer and song. They praise God, and ask for His protection. They eat quietly inviting the women to join them. After the meal, the men helped the women clean up. They remembered the Master’s last gift to them of washing their feet. If the Master could do the lowliest of lowly work, they could help the women.

The Apostles and the women returned to prayer. They forgot the outside world and gave themselves totally to God. Suddenly, they were all alert. The room was full of energy and electricity. The touch of God was palpable. The sound of a great wind filled the room. Passerby’s on the outside heard this sound and looked at the sky. The sky was blue. The trees were still. The people in the Upper Room saw the fire fill the room then separate into tongues on each of their heads. Their hearts were filled with the burning love of the Holy Spirit. They danced and sang for joy. Jesus had kept His promise and sent them the Paraclete!

Peter ran out of the room and began to preach! The townspeople were shocked to see them. Many heard the Word and were converted! The Roman soldiers gathered, and many of them became followers, too. There were those who questioned the Apostles’ zeal, and wondered, loudly, if the Apostles were drunk. Thousands were converted that day that the Church was born.

Imagine your best day. How did you feel? What did you feel? Intensify those feelings by 100 x nth power. That’s how the Apostles felt as they left the Upper Room and began their mission. Pray to the Holy Spirit. Remember He is the 3rd Person of the Divine Trinity, God. Ask Him to inspire in you His love. Ask Him to fill your heart with the Fire of His Love. Ask Him to help you with your mission on earth. Ask Him to make His Presence known in your life. He will.
He might not inspire you like He did the Apostles, but He will answer your prayer.

Come Holy Spirit, come. Fill me with Your Love. Set my heart on Fire for you. Make my will, Your Will. Make my love, Your Love. Guide me. Teach me. Send me Your gifts. I give myself to You. Make me holy. I want to be a saint. Amen.