If you’ve ever had an experience with the Holy Spirit, it is something you will never forget. The Holy Spirit usually works quietly bringing us closer and closer to God, but when the Spirit moves His children, they will never be the same.

Imagine the Apostles, who were terrified and hiding, still not understanding the complete mission they were about to undertake. Think about the sound of a great wind filling a room, loudly, then the wind which is heard became flames on the heads of all who were in the upper room to be seen, exploding in their hearts, driving out fear and inspiring the Apostles to go out and spread the Word to all the world!

WOW! That was Pentecost! And today is the feast of Pentecost in the Year of Mercy! Ask the Holy Spirit to move you as He moved the Apostles to go out into the world. Ask Him to drive out fear from your heart, and ask Him for His Gifts. Pray for the Gifts of the Spirit.
Ask for the inspiration of the Spirit! God does not deny these gifts. He wants to be in your heart.

Come, Holy Spirit, Come!
Come into my heart and make it burn with love for You!
Come, Holy Spirit, Come!
Fill me with Your Love!
Come, Holy Spirit, Come,
Make me Yours.
Come, Holy Spirit, Come!
Fill me with Your Gifts!