I’m not used to it, but that has to change. One of the priests at Church, Father A., ends a conversation with the words, “God Bless You.” The first time I heard him say that to me, I didn’t know what to say. It took a heartbeat, but I did respond, “And with your spirit.” We both chuckled because he wasn’t saying Mass at the time.

Today, the phrase “God Bless You,” is rarely heard in our communications with other people, even with other Catholics. This needs to change. We live in a world where politicians label, libel, and call each other names that spread hurt and hate. We’d be shocked, but if a politician today would say, “God bless you,” to his/her audience, what would you do? I think I might stop whatever I was doing, hope that I had recorded the speech, then play it over and over until I actually believed what I heard.

God Bless You. These three words can help change the world. They are both a blessing and a prayer.

God Bless You. I am saying that I wish God’s blessings upon you which are goodness, kindness, truth, mercy, love, virtue, all that is good in this world. I am asking our Divine Lord to pour His graces upon you in the world that is unseen. I am asking God to protect you. I am saying to you, I love you!

God Bless You. I am praying that you be given only the peace that God can give. I am praying that God blesses you in ways that only He can do. I am praying that God’s love envelopes you and you are brought near His Sacred Heart. I am praying that when you die, God sees you and welcomes you home.

How much would this change the world? Until we try it, we don’t know. You know how easily a bad mood spreads and takes. If a bad mood can have this power, how much more power does a blessing have that is given by God? God is greater than anything! He is a loving Father and Creator. He wants only the best for His children.

God Bless You! Can we add these words to our vocabulary?
God Bless You! Let’s start with this phrase, it’s a simple one.
Will you feel silly? Probably. I know I will unless I feel very comfortable with the people I bless.

Before my mother and her sisters died, everytime they were together and they prepared to leave, they would end the evening, by offering their blessing to each person in the group. They would make a small cross on the forhead of their beloved ones, and say, “God bless you.”
Of course, we kids would run away and hide, but they always found us and gave us their blessing.

God bless You! God Bless You! God Bless You! Amen.

We were truly blessed!

Now, I bless you!
God Bless You.


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