Thoughts on Cinco de Mayo, Betty’s Birthday, and my Mother’s Birthday

Cinco de Mayo is a wonderful reason to celebrate by eating Mexican food. So far, today, I’ve eaten Carnitas with beans, Super Nachos (small size) and Mexican DoNut Bites from Taco Johns. Nummy! Gifts from God. Finding God in this, without the gluttony of food, is good because God is good.

The photo in piece is a picture of my mother who died when she was 52 years old, about 25 years ago. As much as I challenged her growing up, I am challenged to remember her as the outstanding woman she was. She was a woman who was far ahead of her time. She rose from the job of secretary in her company to the position of Vice President of her company. This was rare in that day and age. There was no question about her abilities, because they were well known, and there was no question about her loving God, because when she died, her Mass of Christian burial was con-celebrated by the Bishop of the diocese, two monsignors, and three priests. I only wish she had lived longer. I would have loved for my children to get to know her. She brought God into our lives, and when she went home, she was dearly missed.

Betty was my next door neighbor and friend for 20 years. I met her when she was 79, and I lived next door to her for 20 years, until she died at the age of 99. She lived a rich and fruitful life. She died about 5 years ago, and I still miss this sternly independent woman who, with her husband, started a small business which made her rich after her husband had died. Actually, she was a millionaire, but she was a siimple, humble woman when she died. With help, she stayed in her home until the day she died. I am grateful for those beautiful women who cared for her until the end.

The food is great on this day! I use it to celebrate without any reason to do so. Supper will be Mexican food. I don’t know where I’ll buy it, but it will be a treat for the day.

Knowing these two women, who, without ever knowing each other, shared the same birthday, and who loved me as I loved them, were blessings and gifts from God. I am so pleased that God sent both women into my life when they were most needed.

Tonight, I plan to lift a glass of wine or a margarita in their honor.
Thank You, Lord, for these gifts!