It’s May! Where is Your Rosary?

Really. Where is your Rosary? It’s May, and May is dedicated to the Mother of God, Mary, our Mother, too, and the practice of prayer called the Rosary.

I have to admit, I am a Rosary Hoarder. I think I own about 20 rosaries, and I look to collect more. I also carry rosaries with me to give away. It is a weird thing to do, but when the Holy Spirit prompts, I have found, even though I feel silly giving away Rosaries to people I don’t know, and sometimes to people I do know, that in the gesture are many blessings. I am both blessed and bless in the gift of the Rosary.

If you don’t have a Rosary, and you can’t afford a Rosary, you can use your fingers to pray. The prayer of the Rosary only takes about 20 minutes from your day and builds up a treasury of graces in eternity. However, there are Rosaries available all over, and, most, are not that expensive. The Rosaries I buy to give away are $3 each.
I have one of our priests bless them, and I always carry them with me.

So, if you’re not a Rosary Hoarder like me, do you know where you Rosary is? I always have one of mine with me plus the one to give away. The Rosary is always available for me to pray. Another benefit to carrying a Rosary with you is that, in the event of an accident where you cannot respond, the Rosary is easily found by first responders, and with that in mind, a priest can be called.

So, where is your Rosary? When you pray the Rosary today, you will pray the Glorious mysteries.