Finding God on a Cold, Windy Day at the end of April When we all feel it should be much warmer outside!

Today is April 27, 2016, and it’s cold. The wind is blowing making it feel colder. Yes, we have a wind chill. The actual air temperature is 47 degrees. That’s cold! My joints ache. I’m tired. I’m cranky. I need a nap, but, because it’s cold, my dog is hogging the couch where I should be taking a well deserved morning nap, right now. Then there’s the politics. I’m more discouraged than I have ever been in my adult life about the state of our candidates. I’m wondering which candidate is the one for whom I will vote. Should I simply vote for me? I don’t know. Right now, I don’t care. I feel disconnected, not only from God, but from everyone I know.

The truth is that God is always with us. God never leaves. He will not abandon or reject us. Even when we are at the lowest points of our journeys home, God might not be visible, but He is with us. When we are at our lowest times, we must actively search for God and invite Him into our lives. Many times, we will seek, and we might not find that for which we look, whether it be consolation from God, the knowledge that He loves us, but we must cling to the knowledge that He is with us in an extraordinary way whether we feel His Omnipotence or not.

The dark times of our lives test our souls. Our faith, no matter how weak, will grow stronger in this time of testing. Remembering that God is with us, even in great difficulty, when we feel most alone, brings closer to Him. His Will might not be our will. Therefore, our prayers might be “unanswered,” but what we seek might not be the best for our souls, and even with a “No” from God or “His Silence” as we wait and pray, is a sign of His Love. No matter the choice, God loves us unconditionally. We have to believe this for this is Truth. God is Love, Mercy, and Justice. God is Knowledge and Truth. God is the Great I AM. He always was. He always is. He always will be, and He is unchanging.

Yes, life is not easy. Life was not meant to be easy because in order to find God, we must reject the world because the world rejects God.
God is the source of our being. He gave us immortal souls so that we could be with Him in heaven. God wants us to know that He loves us, but He will test us. It’s not because God is unsure, God tests us because He wants us to be sure that, by choosing Him, we are on the path to salvation that God bought for us with the life of His Only Begotten Son, so freely given that we might live.

So, back to today. I haven’t invited God into my life, so I do that now.

Lord, I’m not worthy, but I ask You to be with me as I go through my day. I ask You for strength and courage. I ask You for Your Love. Even if nothing changes in my day, I have changed because I know You love me I know that nothing can change that. Lord, I praise You. I bless You. I adore You. I give You my life that Your glory might shine through me. Amen.

What has changed in my day? Well, it’s now 46 degrees and raining. The odds are that in the next two days, we will not see much of the sun because rain is in our forecast. We do need our April showers because the spring flowers are beginning to grow and bloom. The dampness also means that I will continue to feel my arthritic joints and bones, but this can become an offering to God. The wind is still blowing. Well, I guess I’m lucky that I don’t have to be outside today.
Pixie finally jumped off the couch on to her bed and is sleeping soundly. I might catch that nap yet. Politics, well, I turned off the TV, and that is helping, but, like taxes, even politicians who claim not to be politicians will always be with us. It is what it is. God help us. We are a very depraved people now. So, I must pray. Do I feel God closer to me now? No, I don’t, but I do realize that He has blessed me, and for that I am grateful. So, I will sing songs of praise to Him and offer Him all the negativity I’ve managed to store up today. With this gone, and knowing that nature abhors a vacuum, I know that God will fill my emptiness with His blessings. God is good. Amen. Allelejuiah!

One thought on “Finding God on a Cold, Windy Day at the end of April When we all feel it should be much warmer outside!

  1. I think many of us feel your despondency with this election. We pray without ceasing.
    Because of the ramifications of this election, as Pro Life Christians, we are morally bound to support and vote for the Republican candidate, regardless of who that is. Anything else and the blood of the decisions made by the Democrats is on our hands. I will pray, vote, pray and confess.


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