I Guess I am Old

I don’t know when it happened, but things have changed. Today would have been my husband’s 70th birthday. I met friends today at a local “hangout” to “celebrate” the day. When I walked into the restaurant, before my friends arrived, I I saw them! All the “OLD” people there! Oh, my goodness! I almost ran out of the restaurant. This can’t be! What happened? When did it happen?

Yes, I was the only woman in there with pink hair, but without the pink, my hair is gray. I have arthritis. My fingers are twisting and turning. My gait is no longer as fast as it once was. I guess I am old!
If I could have run away without my knee hurting, I would have done so. It must have been my guardian angel that whispered in my ear.
“Instead of running away, why not be grateful to God for your long life? Your time of merit is not up yet, but you’ve lived longer than you will live.”

That thought stopped me in my tracks. Yes, why be so ungrateful to God? Why not embrace the joy of age and be grateful to God? Yes, there are the aches and pains. Yes, there is arthritis and pain. Yes, I don’t walk as quickly as I used to walk. Yes, my knees hurt. Yes, my hair is gray. Yes, yes, yes. All of these things are true, but people who are younger than me die everyday. Babies and children die. I’ve been given the gift of a longer life than many people. The time has come to embrace my life and age and THANK GOD for this gift!

Lord, I’m old. You’ve given me the gift of life to this point. Even if I die in 5 minutes, I am grateful for every part of my life: the aches and pains, the wrinkles, the bad knees, the arthritis, the slowing down! I’m grateful for the love I’ve known, the joys, the sorrows, the mountains and valleys. Life has been more than a roller coaster, it’s been a flight through the jungles and into the mountains. When I have fallen, you picked me up and held me close, then you sent me back into the world to be Your Hands, Your Feet, Your eyes, Your mouth. Thank You, Father. It’s been a ride!