Welcome, Lord!

To invite God into our hearts to love and heal us is an act of Mercy, a gift from God, the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The invitiation is ours, but the gift is from God. This offer to come into our beings is not a request that God will refuse. He seeks us, but waits until we are ready, if ever.

His act of love, becomes and act of love from us and an act of trust because we can refuse this grace from Him. When, with a sincere and repentant heart we open our souls to Him, releasing our earthly attachments, forgoing the self in favor of God, we submit to Him and His Holy Will which is love, not only for ourselves, but an admission of the knowledge that God is greater than heaven or hell, and that we are His creations. He serves us when we open our souls to Him. He heals our wounds and gives us the peace that only He can give. When we acknowledge His greatness and submit to His Holy Will, we submerge ourselves in His Unending Love where there is healing and peace.

Whispered or shouted, “Jesis, I trust in You,” is not just a statement of trust but an opening of our hearts, minds, souls, and bodes to His Love and Goodness. When we tell Jesus that we trust in Him, we acknowledge our inability to go it alone and our need to join with Him in this spiritual journey and battle called life. We acknowledge that all of our lives are intertwined and that we cannot control the outcome of life, in spite of our free will.

Free Will, one of God’s gifts to mankind gives us the choice to receive God’s graces with love or to reject them. We can refuse to obey his commands, and, thus, we sin. Like a candle burning in the sanctuary, God love for us burns and does not flicker even when we choose to sin. His love does not diminish even when we refuse to follow His paths or accept His ways.

We live in a world of singularity and isolation. We live in a world of selfishenss and control. Self control is no longer required of us, but we need to control our world and others. Yes, God loves us. His loves does not burn out. He waits, patiently, with the offering in His Hands. We don’t deserve His love. We have done nothing to merit His love, but He waits silently as the candle that burns.

When we trust and accept His Will, which can be the polar opposite of our own will, God leaps with joy as He restores and heals us in our needs. He moves in our souls with love and mercy, His living waters cleansing us, healing us, bringing us closer to His Sacred Heart. We are forever changed when God touches us. Sinners though we are, He loves us. Like the prodigal son, we sink into His well of Mercy.
Welcome Him, now, into your heart.