Veritas? What is truth?

I heard a well known politician, in an interview say, when asked about his religious beliefs, “I don’t think religion is about what you don’t do. It’s about what you do. The rest of the stuff will follow. Be good to other people. Be kind to them. You know. It’s about what you do.”
This sounds so good, because it is true, but it is not the truth, at least, it’s not the entire truth. There is another word we don’t hear often in our culture or almost any other culture, and that word is sin.

All right, I’ve said the “s” word. SIN. When was the last time you heard this word? I’d doubt you hear it often in church, no matter which church you attend. We are forgetting this word in a culture where nothing is wrong; where the reasons for naming a sin a sin are now called intolerance and bigotry; where intolerance for the church and those who seek to live by her rules are the norm; where the abnormal is now considered normal; where those who proclaim injustice are now celebrated in our culture; where the rights of those to proclaim God and His mercy are now denied.

However, truth cannot be denied. We are all sinners. Sin exists in our world. There is a heaven. There is also a hell. There is good. There is evil. Jesus, the only begotten Son of God, came down from heaven to save us from the bowels of hell. He lived as one of us. He died for our salvation. He gave us rules by which to live so that through the Holy Spirit we might grow closer to Him. That is truth.
In truth there is hope. In truth there is love. In truth there is mercy.

Just as nature abhors a vacuum, there cannot be a vacuum in faith for the emptiness must be filled with either good or evil. We must chunk away at the evil and fill that space with the good. We must, to the best of our ability, avoid sin and embrace the good, performing acts of love and mercy and learning to live in God’s Will. We need to pray that we die to ourselves and let the void be filled in with God.

Yes, sin is real. It is negative, but in truth there is hope. In hope there is God who is love and mercy itself. To sin is evil, but it is not hopeless. When we repent, confess, and live avoiding sin, we grow closer to God. Sin is the opposite of love. Sin offends our loving God to whom we owe all that we are, have been and will be. Pray that we can become more holy and loving and grow closer to God.