10 Places Where I found God This Week

1) The daffodils bloomed.
2) The candle carried my prayer request to God.
3) My art. I made a large number of polymer clay flowers for a picture that, I hope, honors God.
4) Praying for our priests. All of them. They are a gift from God, and they need our prayers. I receive more back from God when I pray for them than the time and prayer I have given for them.
5) I continue to find my prayer voice in my prayer journal.
6) Modern inventions. I love solar lights!
7) My dog, Pixie Marie. She’s a gift from God.
8) Adoration.
9) The Rosary! Such a gift from God!
10) Modern medicine. It can help! I am so grateful for that gift of God!

Where did you find God this week?


4 thoughts on “10 Places Where I found God This Week

  1. Love this! May I ask if you use a certain prayer journal – or is it blank inside? This week I found God in a young woman I met and talked to at Church. I invited her to pray the Rosary with some friends and found out she is a distant relative of Padre Pio! My husband and I were just talking about him the week before! Amazing how God sends us people!

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  2. That particular journal is full. I take notes on the Mass homilies in the front of the journal, and I record my thoughts and prayers in the back. I work towards the center and when they meet, I begin a new journal.


  3. I forgot to answer your actual question. The journal is blank on the inside. I buy small notebooks at the dollar store and carry one with me all the time.


  4. Did it again! It is amazing what God does in our lives. He sends us the people we need or who need us at the perfect time. That woman must be a real daughter of the great Padre! You were truly blessed!


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