Yesterday I was Dead

Like the bush that was never watered, like the mouse caught in a trap, yesterday, I was dead, at least according to Sam’s Club. I bought a new case for my phone, only to find out my account was frozen. A trip to customer service and several phone calls later, I was no longer deceased, and my account was active again. According to the representative, the problem had been on Sam’s end, and it was a mistake. Obviously, it was, which got me thinking. What if I really had died? Would I be ready to face God? Was my soul prepared for this unexpected meeting with the Lord?

None of us knows the exact time when we will die. Even though some people have had near death experiences and have returned to tell their story, no one really knows what lies beyond the grave when there is no return, when there is no do over, when there is no mistake at Sam’s Club.

I’ve only fainted twice in my life, and both times I was alone. When I came out of the faint, I felt great peace. The burdens on my shoulders had been lifted, and there was only peace. Is this what it feels like to die, to leave this earth without your body, to move into eternity? I don’t know. Even though Purgatory is painful is there great peace in that place of purification? These are questions that will only be answered later, in eternity. In the meantime, I am alive. The time for merit is not over, and I can make today a day for the Lord. I can prepare for my death and be ready to face my Creator through prayer, acts of mercy, allowing God to use me as His Hands and Feet and Mouth. I can offer each part of my day and let God bring goodness from that.

Lord, how can I serve You today? I give You my day. I give You my Love. I give you everything. I ask that You send me Your graces so that by tonight I can say, “Thank You, Lord.” I am a better person for love of You. Bring me into Your love. Amen.