How Can I Serve You, Lord? Send Me.

We’ve forgotten. Our society has forgotten. Our world has forgotten. THERE. IS. A. GOD. If you asked me to prove to you that there is a God, and you were not a believer, I doubt that I could prove to you there is a God. You would say, “If there is a God, why do babies get cancer?” “If there is a God, why do children die from hunger?” “If there is a God, why was this woman brutally murdered?” Not only that, we have made idols//gods of our rock stars, our sports heroes, our children, ourselves. We have believed that lie that we must do it “our way,” and no other. We no longer believe that our world is about anything but ourselves.

People describe themselves as being “spiritual,” but not religious. Religion is described as archaic and as a form of slavery. Truth is only what the individual believes, thus, nothing is wrong when we do it.

Sin? What is sin? Setting limits on behavior is now called injustice and trampling on the rights of individuals or groups. Being politically correct is far more important that being moral. Rather than learning to live with our neighbors peacefully, we become insulted at the slightest words. We forget that others have rights, too. Ask about God? Ask about satan. (Insert the sound of a record being scratched by a needle.) Wait! I believe in a god, but a devil? Just a fairy tale.

Our “Me” society has alienated so many from other members of our society and world. Churches are far from full any more. Soccer games, baseball games, etc keep parents from bringing their children to Mass on a Sunday. Yet, in our Catholic Churches is the living God. We have forgotten that, too. No, we can’t see His glory in that small tabernacle, or is there a tabernacle on the altar? Some tabernacles are stored in closets rather than being put in the Churches.

We have forgotten our God! Before you say, “No, we haven’t,” think of the last time you genuflected with great reverence before entering a pew. Think of what you wore to Mass the last time you attended. Have you quit attending Mass? We have forgotten that our purpose in life is to Know God, to Serve God in this world and in the next.

Do you really know God if you are spiritual and not religious? Can you know God in that case? An argument can be made for yes, but without belonging to a church and living out the tenets of that church, can you really know God?

Do you pray? Do you praise God? Do you ever say, as you beging your day, “Lord, how can I serve you today?” Yes, serving God is one of our purposes in life. When was the last time that you asked God how you can serve Him and actually did serve Him to the best of your ability? God will not give you more than you can handle. If what He asks of you is difficult, He asks you because He knows it will bring you closer to Him. He will also give you othe graces you need to do as He asks. Our God is not unreasonable.

Learning to serve God is the beginning of humility. Thinking less of ourselves is the beginning of humility. Right now we are embroiled in a world that is all about me. We are embroiled in a world of chaos and terror. Why? Because it’s all about me instead of God. God is divine and eternal. Our souls are eternal. It takes work to become a saint. God wants all of us to be with Him in heaven for eternity. Eternity is a long time.

Remember, if satan exists so does hell. Hell is for eternity, too. Given the choice, I would rather do my best to attain heaven, even if it means a long stay in Purgatory. Purgatory purifies. Better to be purified than damned for eternity.

Aim towards the path of sainthood. I can guarantee it won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. Begin each day by asking God, “Lord, how can I serve You today?” He will show you, and He will grow in your heart.

Lord, how can I serve You today?”a