Holy Thursday, the Time Had Come

Photo Attribution: Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

Jesus, as was His habit, rose early and prayed. As God, He knew what was to come. He saw His suffering. He felt the whips. He felt that abandonment. He knew. As a young man, He must have recoiled against what was to come. His mission was almost complete. As the end drew near, He knew the pain and sorrow and suffering. His time had come, and Jesus knew it.

His followers did not understand. Some still sought a Messiah who would lead them in battle against the Romans. They didn’t understand. His Apostles did not understand. Soon, they would, but for now, he was concerned about their strength, especially Peter. Tonight would be important. The Apostles would have to choose Him. He would wash their feet to teach them. One day they would become masters and servants.

Jesus would pray for strength for the Apostles and for Himself. He knew these men would run away and be fearful. He knew that Peter would deny Him. These were things that the rest of the world would do later. He knew that Judas would sell his soul for 30 pieces of silver. He knew that Judas would despair. He knew that Judas would not seek forgiveness. He prayed for the soul of Judas. His heart was sad, but He would know that His Father would hold Him to His Heart. Jesus prayed that He would be strong.

Tonight He would eat His last meal. His human nature was frightened, but, He would persevere. His love for His sisters and brothers, well, there was no end to His love. Jesus knew.

His Mother would suffer, too. He wanted to hold her and tell her that everything that had been prophesied would come to pass tonight. He wanted to hold her and save her from this pain, but He knew that she had said Yes to God, no matter what, she would do the Will of God. He would surround her with angels, even as He suffered. He would inspire John to say yes to helping His mother. The choice was John’s but Jesus knew that John would say yes.

Everything was in place. Jesus knew that the time was short. He had so much to teach the men who would go out into the world and bring the world to Him. He knew that after they drank the cup of blessing, He would suffer. He knew they would run. He knew He would be beaten. He knew. He breathed the fresh, early morning air. The time had come.

Praise God!