As the Sands of Time Run On…

Let it Be Done to Me According to Your Word…
Joining with the Sacred Heart of Jesus during Lent
(Taken from my prayer journal on 3/7/16)

I submit myself to Your Most Holy Will. Whatever happens, will happen. I cannot change the past, nor will I change the future. I can only accept that which is Your Will for me. Your path is not easy, but it is for my good. You know better than I, and I submit to Your Most Holy Will.

I give my all back to You. All You have given me, I return to Your Sacred Heart, for that is from where it came. All You have done for me, I give back to You with great Thanksgiving and Praise. I accept the path You have given me to walk, with the rocks and thorns and unevenness. Take it from me, Lord Jesus, for it is in You that I am made new. It is only in You that my life has meaning.

Bring me close to Your Sacred Heart. May I rest my head on your chest to hear the beating of Your most pure Heart, a heart so full of love that it cannot help but overflow on to those who call upon You, and, especially those who don’t know You.

I beg You, Lord, save souls! You lived for us! You died for us! You rose from the dead that we might be saved!

Lord, God, You are the Lamb of God whose Precious Blood was shed for us. How blessed are we to be loved by You! Jesus, Lord, Son of God, our Brother, You accepted Your Father’s Will. You suffered and died for Your children.

Oh, Most Holy Trinity, we adore You. Amen!