Well, I did it! I cleared a section of Church by talking about…

sin. It was an interesting discussion. Right now, our Church is involved in praying the Novena of Grace. It’s a beautiful service that we have for 9 days in the evening. We begin with Eucharistic adoration, then we proceed to the Novena itself. There are hymns in between. At the end of the Novena there are homilies. This year, the topic is Mercy. So far, the homilies have been great! At the end of the service, the natural inclination of people is to gather at the entrance of the church and talk.

The first night of the novena, a group of us gathered. Most of my acquaintances know about my notebook. In my notebook, I take notes on homilies, record thoughts that come to me before or after Mass, and, in the back of my notebook, record the sins I will confess, so that I don’t forget. Usually, as I wait in line, my list grows longer and longer.

The group we were talking with were amazed at my writings for confession. I mentioned that I’ve had as many as three pages recorded before confession. People looked at me with unbelieving eyes. I said that I felt the Holy Spirit was making me face my sinful nature by making me aware of my sins. As we stood there, I saw eyes glaze over. People turned and walked away. I stood at the back, alone.

The problem? Sin, knowing that we are sinners.

I’m the same way. I don’t like hearing about sin. I don’t like to acknowledge my sins. I don’t like knowing that I am a sinner, and a greivous sinner at that. People have told me that I am too hard on myself, but I’m not. The inspiration comes from God. The sins he reveals to me are often events that I didn’t realize were sinful. When in confession, the priests who have heard my confess do not disagree with what I confess as sins. I am given spiritual direction on how to improve, but I fall again and again.

Rarely do we hear about sin from the pulpit. Sin is a topic that makes people uncomfortable. No one likes to know they are not perfect. The truth is that no one is perfect. We are all sinners. Sin is what separates us from God. The Sacrament of Reconciliation is a gift of Mercy from God. It is by partaking of this sacrament that we can be reunited with God.

Confession. Sin. God provides the sacrament in spite of our offences against Him. He loves us! He is our God. We are His People. God does not forget His promises to us.