Mental Prayer during Adoration

The water is sliding onto the shore leaving a trail of go,den foam in its wake. In its musical motion the water ebbs and flows by the sea. I walk into the water. I feel the cool liquid clean my feet before I climb into the boat. The boat is made from rough wood. I almost slip and fall back in the water, but my guardian angel, a being of light forever with me, serves me and catches me. I am lifted up and my feet are securely placed on the deck. We begin to move. The boat glides through the water to the golden sunset in the west. The sun is bright, almost blinding, but I can see Him in the distance waiting for me.

The journey takes longer than I had guessed it would be, but, over the unfashionable depths of the lake, where monstrous sea creatures dwell, all is at peace, for there, waiting for me, is the Lord of the Universe, Jesus our Brother.

He holds out His pierced hands to me, signs of love, nail marks, open on His Blessed .hands. He holds me securely, and I begin to relax, and we walk on the water.

I ask for His Blessing, which He gives. I look down at the water. The water is clear, and I see the monsters of the water playing together in harmony. I feel the warmth of His Hands on mine.
I look into His eyes, and I see love. I sink to my knees in the face of His love for me.

The sun begins to pulse and dance at the joy of the Master. The colors of the sun change and blink. The Master looks into my eyes, and, He says, “For you!”

The sky fills with a million suns, all dancing and blinking across the sky. When the light fades, and the colors dim, the moon arises. Bigger than the largest harvest moon, the moon sends gentle flares of light to the sea. Each flare becomes a candle gently illuminating the water. Below, the gentle giants that they have become, dance in the currents of the flame.

We reach the boat again. I don’t want to leave, but it is time to go. “Remember what you see. Let others know what waits beyond the earth for them. They have my graces. They must accept or reject. Tell them. Help me save souls.”

“I AM with you forever. I walk by your side. I watch you sleep and wake. Make reparations for the offenses to My Sacred Heart. Live the commandments. There is much beyond your “seen” world. I love you, my Beloved. I love You!”

I open my eyes, and I see the monstrance where, You, the God of all creation contain Yourself for us. O Lord, God, I adore You. I praise You. I submit to Your Holy Will. Do with me as You choose for I am yours, yours alone, Lord God, King of Kings. My Lord and My God. Amen.