Of all the household chores, I HATE this one the most in the winter

It’s Ash Wednesday. The gray outside reflects the solemnity of the day as we beging our Lenten journey. The ashes we receive at church are black. Sunlight would be welcome, but, in real life, gray is the color of the day.

It’s winter in Minnesota, still…It’s that time of year that people begin to get cranky and crabby due to the lack of sunshine. It’s also the time of year that you vehemently wish you lived in a warmer climate.
Outside, the snow and ice cover the landscape. Yes, it’s pretty to look at when you are nice and warm, but, at my age, you begin to see the dangers of the romance of the snow and ice.

Every Wednesday, my job is to take the garbage and recycling cans to the street for pickup. The driveway is long, and, despite repeated cleanings, can be very slick. I have fallen on the ice, but, to date, been very lucky. I hate this job in the winter! I mean, I really hate it! When the days are warm, and there is no ice or snow, I don’t mind the job, but today is one of those days I remember that I don’t like going outside with the garbage cans, not once, but twice.

I feel that I have been blessed by over abundance. Even though, we have poverty in our country, we all seem to have garbage. Plastic wrappers, boxes, broken items, well, name it. These things go into our garbage cans daily, but someone has to take the bags or cans out to the curb, and that is my job.

Since we have begun the season of Lent, I have made a decision. My view is going to change. This is a grace from God. Drink the lemonade and throw away the peels. God is good, and He only wishes good for His children. He wants us to be happy and enjoy our lives, as much as we can. He wants us to be joyful, in spite of the challenges we face daily. He wants us to embrace our crosses for Love of Him.

I embrace this cross of garbage! I trust that, even if I fall, the fall will bring me closer to God. Now, I need to change my thinking about garbage.

1) Garbage means we are blessed by abundance.
2) Being able to facilitate the pickup of garbage means that I don’t have to live in filth.
3) Keeping my house clean, and being able to dispose of my garbage, means that I will, most likely, be free from harmful diseases and rodents.

There are reasons to change my view. There are more reasons to thank God that I am blessed with this chore. Amen!