I Like This Journal!

Lent is almost here, and Carol D’Annunzio has written a journal that will be a wonderful tool to use. It’s written and designed for women, and like Carol says, “There is no wrong way to use this journal. The journal entry, beginning on the First Sunday of Lent, begins with a passage of sacred scripture taken from the readings of the day’s Mass. There is room to journal, and there is room to draw, doodle, or paste. You can make this journal an art journal. This is the format that Carol uses through her book. Everything is optional. Use the journal as you see fit.

My favorite part of the journal comes towards the end of it. You need to be aware of this part of the journal from the beginnning. Carol does talk about this section in her Intro. This section is called, “Prayer Intention List.” In this section you can list the names, prayer request, and the date on which you prayed for this. Every journal should include this, I think, because I so often forget to pray for specific prayer requests. When I remember, I forget to ask how things are going. This is a great reminder and tool to increase intercessory prayer.

If you ask me, “Do you like this journal?” My answer is, “Yes, I do!” Would I recommend it? I do recommend this book! I hope you enjoy this book as much as I am planning to enjoy it!