In This Year of Mercy, We Need to Remember

If we don’t learn now, we might never learn. That’s frightening. Mercy. One of the greatest gifts from God is Mercy.

Our God is Love and Mercy. He made us to be with Him in heaven. He gave us free will so that we could choose Him above all else. Even if we choose to sin, He does not interfere because of the gift of free will. We did not earn His love, because that is impossible. God gave us His love freely, without reserve, and He cannot love us more than the moment when we were conceived. That love is so great that we cannot imagine what this love could be. God loves. That is all, and yet, it’s everything. God is everything.

We have been blessed with a gift from God—the Year of Mercy.
Pope Francis has challenged us to love, to forgive, to evangelize, to accept. Pope Francis has asked us to extend mercy to others. He has asked us to refrain from being judgmental. He has asked us to open our hearts to God’s great graces that the Lord is pouring into our hearts right now. We can accept or we can reject His graces and blessings to us.

Our earthly lives are limited. What we choose to do on earth, the good, the bad, or the ugly, is what we will see when we stand in judgment before God at our death. We will also see how our choices influenced those around us. We will see how we impacted the world. We will see and feel the pain we inflicted on others. We will see and feel the consequences of our actions. We will learn what our mission was on earth and whether or not we fulfilled our mission.

We can make up for a lot while we are alive, but at the time of death, the time of merit is over for us. The chance to grow in God’s grace is over. There are no more chances. So, now is the time. We need to learn. We need to extend the mercy that God gives us to others. We need to love. We need to forgive. We need to reconcile with God.

We all have choices to make and lessons to learn. The time of Mercy is now. How will you use your time?

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