Can you Imagine?

Then, you can pray. Praying with your imagination puts you into a scene where you imagine what you can taste, touch, hear, feel, and see.

Look at the lake. What do you see? Sparkles? Colors? Reflections?
Look across the lake. Do you see Jesus looking at you and smiling?
Do you see Him beginning to walk across the water to where you are standing? Do you see Him beckoning to you to walk to the middle of the lake? How do you feel? Do you feel anxious, frightened, trusting? Put you feet on the water. He’s still smiling at you with love, and waiting. How does the water feel? Is the water cold? Does it feel like it will support your weight? Do you remember that Peter walked on the water? Do you smell the flowers that are in the water?
Do you hear the birds chirping? Do you still see Jesus on the other side of the lake still smiling at you?

You take your first step on to the lake. Does the lake support you? Do you see the little fish swimming around in the water? Do the fish try to nibble on your toes? Do you begin to sink or are you walking in faith? What is Jesus doing?

When you reach Jesus, does He say something to you? What does His voice sound like? Does He grab your hand? What does His Hand feel like? Is it soft? Do His Hands have callouses? Do you see the holes that the nails made in His Blessed Hands?

What do you do? Do you kneel and adore Him in the water? Do you ask Him to get you out of the water? Are you afraid? What is He asking of You?

You have the idea now. What have you learned from being with Jesus on the lake? What did He say to You?

Think about this. Jot down some ideas so that you will remember them. Stay with Jesus as long as you like. He’s always there waiting for you. This is a type of meditation, a type of prayer. If you can imagine, you can pray.