The Day: Examen-ing the Good, the bad, and the Ugly.

It was a short night and today has been a long day. The cold medications I have been taking have something in them that keeps me awake at night. Sleep is light. Waking is easy. It is in the night that I begin to grow closer to God in prayer.

The tossing and turning. The rearranging of my pillows and blankets.
The getting up to go to the restroom. I feel my cold feet on the slightly warmer carpet as I walk to the kitchen to get something on which to snack. Then back to bed and engage God in prayer. First it’s pleading for sleep. Then comes acceptance. It’s going to be a very long night.

Finally, it’s 3 AM. I go downstairs to my makeshift office on the dining room table. I’m up. It’s dark outside, and it’s still snowing. Dawn will break into a scene of white crystals sticking to the ground. The snow plows haven’t visited our street. There’s a lot of snow outside.

I whisper a quiet prayer for travelers, for the homeless, for the snow plow drivers who will soon visit our street. I turn on CNN. God doesn’t seem to be in our world right now. There are floods, earthquakes, wars on many fronts. I wonder how the reporters keep their sanity as they report the news. I am still coughing and wheezing and sneezing. It’s only 3:35. I’m wide awake. I chat with a friend in Australia for a bit. She’s eating a late supper at 9 PM. It was good to connect with her again. She had just come in from the garden. She’s a genius when it comes to her garden and her photography. God has blessed her abundantly with these talents and she uses them to serve God and give glory to Him.

I read blogs. I am amazed and impressed with the quality of writing and the topics on which they write. I feel a bit of envy as I look at my blog and my writing. I let God take over. He’s with me and I feel Him intently now.

I think God is trying to distract me because I hear the news that the young man who, when driving drunk two years ago, killed 4 people and severely injured two other people, has been found in Mexico with his mother. I really am glad about this. He fled the country, after a going away party, to avoid charges for violating his slap on the wrist probation. He did, in my opinion, get a way with murder, and his mother enabled his get away. Then I think about the Year of Mercy. What will be and act of mercy to this young man and his mother? I guess I can only say that forgiveness towards them, shedding my anger at the injustices of this situation and the sucess of his ridiculous defense. If I ever need a lawyer, I think I want his lawyer, but that’s enough of the anger at the injustice. I hear the father of one of his victim’s saying that anger is a temporary emotion and that you can’t stay angry forever. Clearly, this man is setting the example of forgiveness and mercy. He tells the young man that he is still salvageable and things can still be worked out. Yes, clearly, this is what mercy is about. The man is a bigger person than I am.

Lord, forgive me. I know you are bringing good out of this. You are teaching us to forgive. You are teaching us that your ways are not our ways. You are teaching us that love is clearly the way. Your justice will deal with this. I need to accept that which you have set in motion. You are with us. You are active in our lives now, whether the time be the past, the present or the future. Thank you.

Now, I can move on with my day. Sunrise is still elusive. I look forward to feeling better. When the roads are better, I will drive to the Urgent Care center for some medical help. I’ll probably be one of the few people who are there. Hopefully, I will get some relief, but it will be a while before I can leave. The plows have cleaned our street, and now there’s a lot more snow in the driveway! I’m going back to sleep now.

God is good. His love and His Mercy endures forever. I am blessed!