So, the snow is Late…

Today, it’s snowing. Most of the snow came last night, but that’s ok. We can say that it’s still a white Christmas. The shoveling can wait. it’s going to be a slow day as we wake up out of our Christmas coma.
Yesterday, we put aside so many things that affect us. I know I was able to forget about the earthquakes, the fires, the storms, the floods that didn’t hit here. I was able to forget some of the things I had heard this weekend. I was ablel to forget about the ugliness and challenges of life that do affect me. Peace was here, even for a bit. Today, the world which really didn’t change, is normal again.

I watch CNN, and, again, I am reminded that we need to pray for peace. We need to pray for those who are suffering from hunger, thirst, and lack of shelter. We pray for our military, many of whom are involved in furious battles around the world. We pray for families who are separated. We pray for families. We pray for the graces to become better people. We pray for those who suffer. We pray for those who are separated from God, for whatever reason. We pray for those who would cause others pain. We pray for the conversion of Isis and those who deny God. We pray for our priests. We pray for our beloved Pope Francis. We pray for our world leaders. We pray for children who are in abusive situations We pray for those traveleing. We pray. We pray. We pray.

Emanuel, God is with us, has been born. We pray and we thank God.
We pray and we praise God. We pray and we bless God. We pray. We pray.